Affixing Nipple Pasties

There are several methods of adhering nipple pasties and the best method  varies depending on the wearer.

Method 1 – Body Tape

How to: Apply body tape to the pasties first, then affix to yourself.

Pros: Easy, cost affective, little mess, allows quick removal.

Method 2 – Latex Based Glue

How to: Before the first wear apply a layer of glue to entire back of the pastie. Allow this to dry completely. This will provide a ‘keyed’ surface for the future layers of glue to adhere too.  To wear the pasties apply a generous layer of glue,  leave for a few minutes to go tacky, then affix to yourself.

Pros: Cost affective, readily available and easy to remove.

Method 3 – Spirit Gum

How to: This is by far the most secure method of affixing pasties (and the favoured method for professional burlesque performers) but is not for the faint of heart or sensitive of skin. Spirit gum is very strong so you will also need to purchase spirit gum remover. Follow the instructions on your spirit gum and spirit gum remover to affix the pasties.

Before using any of these methods on any delicate areas of your skin, read the manufactures instructions and carry out a patch test where applicable.