Quick Care Instructions

Follow these quick tips to keep your latex in perfect condition!

Want the full lowdown? Click here for our Complete Latex Care Guide - an in depth must read for any latex lover.

  • Before polishing or wearing, gently wash your new piece in warm water with a delicate soap to remove the manufacturers talc and any rogue tailoring marks or construction tape residue from the garment construction process.
  • Take care to avoid contact with all sharp objects. Take particular care when putting on your garment, removing body jewellery and exercising caution with long nails.
  • Use talcum powder or a specialist latex dressing lubricant to help you slip into your garment more easily.
  • Polish your latex with a silicone-based polish using a soft lint free cloth.
  • Laundry time? Wash your latex in luke-warm water with a little of our multi-purpose blue polish as a detergent to work away any dirt. Rinse off your items well. Hang your garment to drain excess water and then pat dry with a soft towel.
  • Store your garment in a dark place – Exposure to UV light will damage your latex. Do not hang on metal hangers and do not fold.
  • Ensure white and coloured items are not stored next to other coloured rubbers or metal. Contact with metal (such as copper and coins) may cause permanent stains.
  • Need help with your pull on latex? Visit our Complete Latex Care Guide for more tips.
  • Mico Couture garments are not suitable for people with allergies to latex, nickel, silicon based polish, or talcum powder. If you find you have an adverse reaction to a Mico Couture garment, please remove it immediately and seek medical advice.