Mico Couture is a latex clothing and accessories company from West Yorkshire.  Founded in 2011 by Nick and Josie the company is now in it’s 7th year of trading and has gone from strength to strength!

All Mico Couture garments are made to measure as standard. The best looking latex clothing is that which fits best. Latex can be particularly unforgiving when ill-fitted and here at mico Couture we believe the best solution is for people to wear made to measure designs.


All our items are made to order which not only makes them highly customizable but also affords us the luxury of being able to tailor every garment to each customer’s specific size.

All designs are manufactured in house from scratch. All the blocks we use to build our patterns on were made by us. All the designs are conceived by us. All the patterns are drafted by us, each panel of latex cut by us, each seam lovingly assembled by us…

This allows us full creative control of Mico Couture and also gives us control of our customer service. When you talk to us about your order you are speaking to a designer, a tailor, a seamstress and the person who knows exactly what is happening with your order. We pride ourselves on our quality products and our quality service.  

If you have a Customer Service enquiry please Email us at: sales@micocouture.com

Or  phone us during UK office hours (9am to 5pm GMT) on: (+44) 7904 529133.